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So apparently it looks like I am the first one to get the review site going, so here we go.

The site I have been tasked to review is called World Of Smudge. I was chosen to review it because I was the only one who had no prior knowledge to this site, which I found rather odd having been in this business for *** years. Still I found it very interesting reviewing a site I had not heard of.

World Of Smudge is a site created by an author named Smudge, who writes, colours and draws comic based stories. First of all let me say that he surely deserves praise for his drawings and the amount of time he probably had to use to get such lively colours on them especially since he weekly updates his site; now to the good stuff. World of Smudge is immense! You practically have all your sexual dreams in one place. From the lonely Housewife fantasy to the daughter with an urge, you will definitely find your fix here. Superheroes in tights having a go by wild freakishly huge horse cocks attached on human beings that usually resembles teens with a high hormone level. Innocent housewives who are targeted by huge black men with an even larger member at their disposal to teach her what sex really is. Young daughters that are taught by their gym coach how to endure sex, the list goes on and on. What I found to be probably his greatest success is how he develops his characters in a way you really feel like you are going to burst before you touch yourself. I mean I honestly was interested in the story; something which I have to admit has never really inspired me. Just the way he describes the feelings of the characters while they are doing it makes the drawings he made even more enjoyable. I have always been a picture guy rather than a story guy and even though Smudge delivers great drawings that make your mouth drool, you will still find it difficult to not get sucked in the story. His drawings are extremely well created, it is almost as if he had taken our fantasies and put it on paper. Women with huge butts, tits that you can suffocate in, its all there. In fact they are so huge that when I was reading one of his comic, I thought that i would come to a story that revolved around a housewife whom could not get satisfied because her white husband’s dick was too small to reach her enlarged butt,; unfortunately he had not drawn such comic. Still there was so much else to explore that I did not really miss my fantasy, rather it felt like his comics guided me into an entirely new fantasy world.
You have no Idea how much I hate myself for not having heard of this guy until today, this site might have things you are not particularly interested in but I can assure you, you will find something you like. There is a ton of pictures and comics that I even lost count and even if you are certain you have gone through all, you will soon find out that you have not. I am very glad to have been inside Smudge’s world and I am absolutely glad to have been given the task of reviewing it.

Point of no return.

Content: So many pictures and comics that you are bound to find something you like.
10 out of 10

Story: Even if he creates a dozen stories of just one character they still feel original, never gets old and very well written.
10 out of 10

Drawings: Greatly makes your sexual dreams come to life, the art is flawless the design is smashing and even if you do not like story based comics you can still understand what is going on by just watching them.
10 out of 10

Interracial Content: Though there is a lot diversity, the site has a special place for interracial comics.
10 out of 10

Weaknesses: I honestly found it difficult to get any weaknesses with the site, and the only one I got was page control of the site, since there is so much it was a little difficult to find everything.
10 out of 10

Availability: At first I thought this one would be the weakness because of the high quality drawings he makes, I would think he’d need a lot of time, but incredibly he updates weekly. You cannot expect better.
10 out of 10

Last judgement: Is it worth the money? Definitely, there is no reason to why you would not like it, if you are a fan of interracial comics then try it out, you will never leave it.

10 out of 10
King of Mandingo!!

By Sevran.

Other Reviewers opinions.

Camaleo: I am glad he realized it is good.

Vlangod: Seriously dude, you should have known.

HotShot: I agree.

Pervosuxx: Smudge deserves it.

Wildstorm: I wanted Smudge!!

His site is found here.

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