We all have porn fantasies, whether it being about men having sex, bestiality, foot fetish or something as simple like a married woman choking on four black cocks at the same time, we all have our desires. Though most of the time our fantasies are not really possible to fulfil, because of the complexity of the world we live in. Luckily for us there some people who create art that fulfil our joy.
I am called Camaleo and I am a porn reviewer.

The site that I have been given the chance to review is called hardcoreadventure. Though the name might fool you, it is certainly an interracial comic site, with a tad of superheroes. The site’s artist and creator is named Duke. Let me start by mentioning that I had no idea that this site existed, and the only reason I found out about this was because one of our reviewer told me about it.
The site has posters, comic volumes and a few flash games; though the flash games are not very interactive, I consider them a bonus rather than a principal content. Instead what is to be noticed as the most important aspect of this site, is without a doubt the comics. Duke’s comics are absolutely astonishing, every character he creates is original, and each one of them has a story that you just cannot stop loving. It is not just the simple housewife story who is horny of black members, but rather an entire tale to how a simple wife, mother or superhero is put into a situation that develops them into becoming a lust driven cheating woman. This is thankful to the wonderful story structure and writing the artist puts into his comics, which completely makes everything more enjoyable. Unlike other artists that draw fantasy stories, I found that Duke’s stories where more realistic. In fact I feel that Duke has been able to present these stories in a way that feels more like our world rather than a fantasy world. His drawings are completely jaw breaking, the way he draws the facial expressions of the women in his art gives a much bigger feeling of realism, still he draws in a form of art that resembles the fantasy dreams that we have always wanted. The usual big butts are there as well as the impossibly huge members, thus making everything more comic based. Still this artist is without a doubt one of the few that I have seen being able to bring forth interracial cuckolding in a more realistic fashion rather than the overzealous domination technique other artists use in their comics. Able to blend realistic feelings and situations with fantasy comic based drawings, is something I think is unique and quite difficult to accomplish. Though most of his comics are in black and white his posters are not, though they are not top notch coloured works, I feel that they actually look quite good in that coloured state.

I certainly did not expect that this site would impact me so much, but I have to say it did. Whether it being the great drawing’s, the stories or characters that enchanted me, I must say I feel very happy to have realized that such a site exist.

Point of no return.

Content: Characters that have each a lust-full story, volumes of comics, flash games and posters that will keep you busy for quite some time.
10 out of 10

Story: Unique in it being able to bring forth realism and fantasy in a comic, great story structure and without a doubt the best interracial based written story I have seen.
10 out of 10

Drawings: Great drawings, able to make them feel alive, from the simple smile to the lust-full expression make’s this easily one of the best comic artist.
10 out of 10

Interracial Content: Housewives finding their true inner feelings by means of a black giant, superheroes being defeated by their villain’s black tentacle attack and Teachers realizing that oral exam was not such a good idea.
10 out of 10

Weaknesses: Unfortunately the site has one major weakness, a weakness that is also quite bad for the artist, finding the site of Duke is much more difficult than it looks, in-fact the name itself does not help the site
8 out of 10

Availability: Updates frequently and always on time, the updates are major and never few.
10 out of 10

Last Judgement: Is it worth the money? I found it very hard to not like the site, if you like cuckolding and or interracial art than I suggest you get yourself into the world of hardcoreadventures.
Yes it is worth the money.

9.5 out of 10
Sexually Addictive

By Camaleo


  1. Okay, if you seriously think his art is anywhere near "good". You are not fit to be a reviewer.